Time Flies

This would have been up sooner, but the sometimes internet is hard to find.

People are great! I was certain, after leaving my home camp that it would take me my whole time at a camp to mix in among the campers, and be more than a voice that droned at them about peace and justice issues. It turns out that the everyone in both camps, Brownwood & Camp Chandler, (Love you guys!) are amazing as they immediately welcomed me and added me to their camp family. I later found out that most people thought I was also a camper initially… but it all worked out!
I hear that I apparently have this neat little switch that makes me into a professional adult, and the rest of the time I blend in seamlessly with campers. Personally I don’t see it since I am not only gigantic, but I’m also getting along in years; however, every camp to date has pointed that out so it’s possible.

(Camp Chandler)
I brought out my new favorite workshop on values and idols for each of the camps, and I feel as though it had a good reception. So far no one has torn down the message I wanted them to take away, and there were several contemplative silences – at least that’s what I hope they were. I felt as though many of the issues I discussed; such as, environmental justice/climate change, peace, normality, and environmental stewardship, were already known. There were actually some cases that a theme I was aiming for was so ingrained that campers jumped straight to the conclusion without any prompting from me. It was great and a little inconvenient.

On a side note I’d like to thank all the people that sent care packages and letters to the camps that I’ve been to.

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