The Mess

The theme for the National Convocation this year in Houston, TX, is “… Yet I will rejoice!” During tough times for a team, country, or person, to despair and turn inward is easy and natural. However, the scriptural theme for this event comes from Habakkuk and concerns a land that has come upon hard times. Crops are failing, cattle are dying, and draught is striking. In short, the land had fallen on tough times. However, the prophet writes that he will rejoice because “the Lord is” his “strength.” Interesting!
All of the time we are told that we must “pray more when times are tough!” But why do we need to do that? Taking a break from God and focusing on dealing with the issue at hand is so much easier. I know that I don’t always focus on God when I am faced with adversity!
Pastor David Hampton at the opening worship service for the National Convocation put the scripture in contemporary terms, saying that despite bills, unemployment, relationship troubles, and health care restrictions, the Bible tells us that we should rejoice. In fact, the Bible tells us that we should praise the Lord even more intensely in these situations. If we put our trust in the Lord, we will be given feet like that of a deer so that we may bound over adversity. As the speaker said, “Sometimes, you gotta go through a mess to be blessed.”
Peace for the journey,

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