Stuck in the Middle

Suttle Lake Prayer Beads

This past week I had an opportunity that most Peace Interns do not get, I got to work with a Chi Rho camp at Suttle Lake United Methodist Camp in Sisters, Oregon. Chi Rho camp is specifically for Middle School campers. If I’m fully honest I was both terrified and excited to work with younger campers. After six weeks of High School camps, I was looking forward to a change of pace and the abundance of energy they bring to camp.
In addition to leading a workshop about peace and Disciples identity with each of the small groups, I had some other roles that I had not had at other camps. I got the chance to lead morning watch and present keynote one day. Morning watch is a time for reflection, contemplation, and meditation each morning before breakfast. I took this opportunity to help lead the campers in a reflection about creation and caring for God’s gifts around them. During keynote I was able to teach about love languages and how we can share God’s love with those around us.
In addition to the energy my campers exuded all week they were extremely appreciative and thankful of the effort the counselors and director put in throughout the week. The campers and my fellow counselors surprised me, our camp director, and the co-regional minister that worked with our camp with a set of prayer beads. Each person selected a bead to represent themselves and created a strand of prayer beads that I will treasure as a reminder of a wonderful week of camp for years to come.

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