Small but Mighty

This past week I was at Cane Ridge West in Montana. This camp ground was named after the Cane Ridge in Kentucky which I would  love to go visit someday. The camp in Montana is probably the smallest camp I will do this summer with the total number only counting up to eight people. Despite the size of the camp nothing was lacking, These eight campers were very close-net group ready to plunge head first into anything.

The workshop that I did with group was my poverty workshop because it really went well with their theme of the day which was about there being enough. We tackled the topic that some people do not have enough and what can be done about it. This group had a lot of good thoughts in the discussion on the topic. I think they did very well with this and learned a lot. I feel like I also learned a lot from them too during the discussion.

The place that I felt the most spirituality was around the campfire at night. They had a campfire every night, Like California, where they would sing songs and do worship. One of the directors would cook fresh vegetables over the fire for all of us to have to eat. One night we even tried a different type of s’more in which you take a strawberry covered with marshmallow fluff and put that on a stick to cook over the fire. When it was done we drizzled chocolate on it. Another fruit we used was a banana that we cut open and filled with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. We wrapped the banana in aluminum and stuck it next to the fire to cook. Both the strawberry and banana s’more was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to mix it up a bit. As we were singing, worshiping, and eating, I would look up to the stars. The sky was so clear there that I was able to see the Milkyway. I loved to be able to point out the different constellations and I felt like God was opening up the universe for us right there and then.

This camp was in the Rocky Mountains right next to a mountain river. The camp did not have a pool but instead we swam in a calm, deep spot in the river. It was so much fun watching the campers jump off the bank into the deep part of the river. The campers did not only swim in the river but they also took tubes up stream and ride down to the swimming hole. This was a lot of fun and beautiful as we watched the side of the mountains as we floated by. Some parts of the river were very relaxing while others were exciting and a bit of an adventure to ride down. On the hike up one of the directors caught a snake for all of us to hold which was super cool. The snake tried to go up my arm a few times which was really cool. I really enjoyed being able to do this.

During the week we also went on a hike right there at the Continental Divide. The Continental divide is the spot that if it rains there, half the water will go to the Atlantic Ocean and the other half would go to the Pacific Ocean. On the trial there were tons of lovely wild flowers in full bloom. It was very magical to look at. On the way up the campers acted out the scripture for the day, sang songs, and did a few prayers as they took pictures of all the different flowers that they saw.

This group also loved playing games together as a group. When there was free time there weren’t any different groups doing different things but everyone playing things like Eagle Eye, Nuckum Ball, and Annie I Over. They also enjoyed playing Bocce Ball, Capture the Flag, Volleyball, Mastodon Ball, Mafia, Ghost in the Graveyard, Ninja, If it is, Sardines, and Werewolf. There were so many inside jokes that came from the werewolf game that I am pretty sure that I will not be able to hear the words mash potatoes without laughing anymore. One evening we even did an escape room game which turned out to be a great team building activity for the campers. The campers had to solve a lot of different puzzles to when the game. Everyone at this camp loves to have fun and be together which was wonderful. I learned so many new games which I am ready to share with the other camps that I am going to.

I really enjoyed my time in Montana, surrounded by the peaceful mountains and the daily adventure. I loved the community, the campers, and the small but wonderful co-staff. I am pretty sure the campers got tired of me and the male counselor singing show tunes all week. Everyone had a lot of fun and learned a lot from this week.

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