Rewards from Putting in the Work

Rewards from Putting in the Work
Introvert doesn’t quite seem strong enough a term to describe my temperament. Around my house anyway, we describe introverts as getting their energy from withen themselves. Extroverts, then, are those individuals who get their energy from groups of people—to the Kuss family, anyway. The connotation of “introvert” is in the society at large something closer to “a quiet recluse who prefers solitude

is unmatched among earthly pleasures.
Currently, I am entering my final semester at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, from which I will be receiving a degree in Musical Arts with a double major in German in May. Next year, I ama pplying for two different teaching programs, Teach for America and Boston Teacher Residency, as well as to the Global Missions Intern program. I consider the work I did last summer through DPF at least once every day and fondly remember every ounce of energy I spent on people. Last summer, I formed friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime—here I must recognize the eternal bond the ABC team shares, and the three or four college freshman and clergy from around the country with whom I share regular communication. Indeed, regardless what I end up doing next year and for the rest of my life, DPF helped make a lasting commitment for me to helping others learn, laugh, love, and think with one another.

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