Hi everyone, my name is Will O’Brien and I am one of this year’s Disciples Peace Fellowship Peace Interns. My fellow interns and I have spent the past week in Indianapolis, Indiana learning about the different missions and ministries of the general church.
We arrived last Saturday and settled into our lodgings for the week at Allisonville Christian Church. Sunday morning, Allisonville welcomed us and commissioned our ministry for the summer.
Monday, we hit the ground running. After touring the Disciples Center and getting acquainted with the offices of the general church we started our action-packed week of training. We had the opportunity to meet with the General Minister and President – Sharon Watkins, as well as representatives from many other offices of the church. We met with the Disciples Peace Fellowship, the Council on Christian Unity, Church Reconciliation, Global Ministries, National Convocation, Disciples Women, the GLAD Alliance, the Center for Interfaith Cooperation, Green Chalice, and numerous other trainers who shared their ministerial specialties with us.
Map of the Journey
This summer I will be visiting camps in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, West Virginia, and Oregon. As training is coming to a close and I and preparing embark on my journey I am looking forward to building relationships and relying on the hospitality of Disciples I meet all over the country.

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