Peace Wall Prayers


Throughout the week I had campers write prayers for peace and justice and hang them up on the wall in the chapel. This is what they wrote:


“Please be with all the broken families in the world. Having a strong bonded family to support one another is having everything. Help shape the broken families.”


“Faith. Peace. Hope. Love. Our world is hurting. I know I need to start playing a bigger role for change. Please enter the hearts of others and overflow their heart with love and compassion so that we may join together and bring peace and your love to the whole world. Through this process I pray for courage and hope to make it through times that seem hopeless. Inspire the hearts of others God, so that they may see what you have in store for them.”


“Thank you for this day and all you have blessed us with. Lord I just ask that you give strength to those people going through a hard time. Please also Lord bless them with hope and shower them with your glory. The last thing I ask Lord is that you give me the strength to do something to help them.”


“Fairness. Awareness. Justice. Haiti. Hope.”


“Selflessness. Health. Empathy. HOPE. Helping. Happiness. Love. Food. No Violence.”
“God said, ‘Let there be light’ and there was light” – Genesis 3


“Bullying. Peace. Racism. Health. Food. Wealth. Friends. Respect. WAR”


“God, there are so many broken families that need you. I pray that you use me and everyone else at camp to help hungry and homeless. –> HOPE: all your beautiful children –> PEACE

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