Peace-Interning is Pretty Rad

Hello everyone! Updates and some reflection for my past two camp weeks, which have been wonderful.

Tawakoni in August, KS. and Loch Leven in Southern California- Starkly different in area, but much the same in community. Both places have reminded me of the importance in conversation and relationship. Even though the summer isn’t over, I already feel that I’ve gotten more from this summer than I’ve given. I feel an incredible amount of growth in myself. I have been renewed in feeling drawn to meaningful conversations with people and how much we can take from them. I have gotten to meet amazing people with big hearts and deep thoughts. I have led workshops with kids who are ready to learn, listen, and share their opinions. I have experienced incredible hospitality; people going out of their way to give me an awesome traveling experience. I’ve gotten a new found confidence in the direction of my life. I have been more independent and ready for new things than ever before. I have new empowerment, confidence, and courage just from this experience. Plus I get to see the beauty of God in nature in a new place every week.

All of this has been an absolute gift to me and I hope that the kids have taken at least something from my workshops so far. I take solace in the belief that knowledge always facilitates action. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to wonder what to do with knowledge of social injustices. How do we really make a difference, in reality? Here is a list of things I think are important and would love to hear feedback from others!

  1. Learn- knowing that we don’t know it all and there is always something new to learn
  2. Get Involved locally-Identify a couple things you are passionate about and get involved in your own community through service and local non-profits
  3. Get involved politically- keep up with policies that affect the issues you are passionate about. Get involved in advocacy, vote, and contact your reps
  4. Reach out- make relationships and connections with people who have different experiences than your own. Relationship and community changes the world.


That’s all for my thoughts tonight. Off to my Oregon camp tomorrow.

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