One last Campfire…

I could have never imagined how much fun and exciting this camp would be, Cascade Christian Camp in Idaho was amazing! We went rafting in Boise river and we did zip-lining, it was my first time to do these things and I loved them! It was awesome to see campers and counselors conquering their fears, being encouraged and having trust in themselves, people and God to do these things! They were really great group activities!
One night we went by the lake to see the stars,the sky was so dark and full of stars, we could see the milky way, some of the zodiac signs, spaceships, falling stars and Mars and Saturn through the telescope. It was pretty cool! We also had different theme every night, we had Mexican, Mardi, Italian, Mediterranean, Hawaiian and American food along with decorations, accessories, songs, games and dances, it was a lot of fun! The camp was pretty small but and we felt like a family, and we learned through the week that “we don’t need a whole lot, just use what you got, faith, hope and love, just a little bit of faith, hope and love”.
The last day of camp, we were preparing the songs for campfire and our small group decided to sing a special song so we chose “Let it rain”, and we sang it at the end and it actually started sprinkling while we were singing, people were smiling, some were raising their hands up and some were hugging, it was a great moment and a perfect ending for this camp and for the whole camps I have been a part of this summer. I don’t want to think that these are probably the only church camps I will ever have, I truly feel that it is a blessing for the youth here to have the chance to go to these church camps, I know if I had the chance to go to them while I was growing up a lot of things would have been different for me. I don’t know how would I feel when I go home and how much will I miss being in camps but I will sure miss the little things, the moments when I felt God is there and everybody was feeling the same way.
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