Oh the Simple Joys of Camp!

I love everything about s’mores!
I even love making them over a grill or with marshmellow cream when we can’t have a real fire. I love the energy they bring, the excitement, the sticky fingers, the rushing back for more, the fact that I can never seem to break graham crackers fast enough to keep up with the rush of half roasted, half charred marshmellows that always seem to be precariously half falling off the roasting stick when they come over to be sandwiched. I love the laughter that a good sugar rush just before bedtime brings. I love the sense of community that is built through the simple shared pleasure, so rich in tradition.
Another camp tradition I love is the lullaby.
After a full day of growing friendships, silly songs and messy games, we gather under the stars and unite our voices in recognition of the love within our community and the love that unites all of creation. I’ve been with these people less than a week’s time, but it’s moments like these where I deeply experience community. Grasping the hands of the two teenage girls next to me I feel connected to those I have come to know throughout the week, I feel connected to those I sang the lullaby with at home at La Foret, and I feel connected to all those who have come before me.
Lay down my sweet sisters (brothers/everybody)
Lay down and take your rest
I’m gonna lay your head upon the Savior’s breast
I love you!
but Jesus loves you best
and I bid you goodnight
Goodnight, goodnight

Goodnight DPF blog followers!
Our theme this week may be superheroes, but I definitely need my sleep!

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