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This past week I attended my very last camp as a Peace Intern.   I ended my summer in  the Oregon Southwest Idaho Region, but to my surprise it was at this camp that I had many new experiences.  I learned how to make a hat, skip rocks and was finally able to do archery. I know these things are all very simple things but I found great joy in doing each one.
My favorite was learning how to skip rocks because my small group was incredibly helpful and encouraging towards my goal of skipping a rock at least three times. Each day we would go down to the lakefront and discuss our curriculum but while we were there we would take time to skip rocks or take in the beautiful scenery. On Wednesday one of my campers showed me in greater detail how she skipped a rock while another camper cheered me on each time I picked up a new rock. After a couple of tries I finally skipped a rock five times and I was so excited I jumped up and down screaming, “I skipped it five times! Five times!!” My campers were all very excited too. I felt like such a child again because of how overjoyed I was that I out did my goal. I think sometimes, as we get older, we forget that we can have new experiences and have so much joy in those experiences.
I was very tired when I got to Oregon because of all my traveling and being an introvert and having all my energy be used. I was expecting that Oregon would be like many of my other camps. I was not expecting to have so many new experiences, not only for this summer but my whole life. I know that in my life back at home I do not expect new things everyday because I get into a routine and follow it.  My last week at camp has taught me that I need to start looking for new experiences and take them on when they do arise. I could have just failed at skipping the rock and gone on with my life never knowing how much joy I would feel from 5 small rings left on top of the water but instead I took on the challenge. I want to go back into my life taking on more challenges and new experiences because that is what this summer has been about for me – the experiences that I have had at each and every camp. I am so grateful that I did take a risk and apply to be a Peace Intern. I may be tired now but this is a summer I will never forget. It has changed my life!
Till next time y’all.

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  1. Jim Brooks
    Posted August 6, 2015 at 2:58 am | Permalink

    So proud of you Celia! Glad you learn how to skip a rock or two! Love you, miss you!

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