Letter from a Camper to DPF Supporters

Dear DPF Supporters,

My name is Mathew, I am an camper at Cane Ridge West in Montana. This year we had an amazing Peace Intern come to Cane Ridge to act as a counselor at MCYF camp and it was an amazing experience. She had a lot to share with us and had some challenging questions that allowed us to dive deeper into our faith and our relationship with God.

Our Peace Intern shared with us her adventures in foreign countries. She talked about how it felt to be in a neighborhood that had very few lights at night and that it fell into the shadow of the opposing side of the city that shown so bright and beautiful. She expressed how it would feel to live in the dark striving for the light. It really opened my eyes to how those in other countries feel when they are in poverty.

When we broke into small groups, she allowed us to pick the area in which we could discuss the parable that day. She encouraged us to share our opinions and thoughts which made a great atmosphere in which to share. Along with encouragement, she brought us great activities that were new and relatable along with amazing songs to expand our musical praise to our almighty God.

Another great thing about our Peace Intern is that she was willing to learn new things and participate in games unlike some counselors that would try to force old ways and be retracted from the activity. She woke up in the morning and taught a couple of us yoga, she went tubing down the river with us, and she played hide and seek in the dark and was cool enough to let us scare her half to death.

I am really glad that Amy came to Cane Ridge West and spent a week with us, I will be sad to see her go but I hope to keep in touch and maybe someday see her again. She is a great person and I wish her the best of luck in life and will be praying for her to help with changing the world, even if it is only for one person I know that because she was able to go around the country and world she will have experiences that will help make a difference.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter about a great Peace Intern.

God Bless,

Montana DOC


“My name is Mathew and I AM A DISCIPLE”

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