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Hello and welcome. Before we get started, I feel the need to set a couple of ground rules. The first, I have never blogged so this will be extremely awkward and uncomfortable for all of us, but at least we can do it together. Second, don’t talk about fight club. Great! Now let’s dive into the deep depths of my summer so far!
You might have seen the title and thought, wow she forgot to put in a title! Or, she must be really lazy and unimaginative to not have put a title. My response to you, dear reader who does not like my title, is that I am unimaginative and hate coming up with titles. But I haven’t only had this problem in my blog; I have found this to be a problem in my workshops as well! It seems I am unable to come up with a cool, sexy title that completely encapsulates my workshop while also drawing in participants. When people ask me what my workshop will be about, I begin to stumble over my words like a small child learning to walk. I usually finish these somewhat embarrassing times by saying “if you come to the workshop you’ll find out!” I’ve always found myself witty and all my parent teacher conferences told my parents that I have a “dry sense of humor.” I’m still unsure if my teachers meant this as a compliment.
Regardless, I cannot give an “elevator speech” about what my workshops are about, much less give them a succinct title. While this frustrated me greatly at the beginning of the week, I’ve come to realize that maybe this isn’t such a bad problem to have. If the topics that I am discussing and sharing with everyone are so large that they can’t be boiled down to one or two words, then maybe I’m doing something right after all.

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