Hide and Go Seek!

“17 – 18 – 19 – you three need to go hide!!” Jacob continues counting, all the way to 50, then begins to make his way through the dark lodge looking for fellow campers. This week in Montana has been full of hide-and-go-seek games! One of the scriptures we read this week was the parable of the lost coin. I find the game of hide-and-go-seek such a fitting metaphor for the way God continues to search for us, relentlessly. In the midst of life’s great games of hide-and-seek we learn to let ourselves be found by God and found by those around us. Our theme for the week was storytelling and through sharing of ourselves, in the midst of our vulnerability, we let ourselves be found by others and we come to know ourselves more deeply. Speaking of vulnerability, the campers begged me to be “it” during the last round of hide-and-go-seek in the lodge. By this time it was pitch dark and I was “only allowed to use the flashlight to walk up the stairs”. When I let myself be vulnerable to teenagers jumping out of dark corners, making me scream, I showed them that I was willing to be vulnerable and share myself with them, in deeper ways as well. I was willing to be open, to be part of their community. It’s important for each of us to continue putting ourselves into situations where our vulnerability makes our heart race. In those moments we turn to God for guidance and we hold tightly the hands of those who walk with us as we fumble through the dark. Ready or not, here life comes!

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