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After General Assembly ended, the interns all split back up to go to our final camp of the summer. I had the opportunity to go to Cane Ridge West outside of Lincoln, Montana and was excited to spend some more time in an environment I know! I love Montana and was so happy to spend my final week up in the beautiful mountains.

 This was my smallest camp yet with only 13 campers, but they were all very involved and enthusiastic people. We had two small groups of 6-7 campers and it was really cool to have discussion with such a small group and really be able to go deeper into the theme of the day. We followed the Power Up curriculum and it was really awesome! We learned about imitating Christ through our actions, building a stronger community (both local and global) and how to remain strong in our faith.



One night, we watched the movie The Truman Show. I hadn’t seen this movie before and it was really interesting and spurred some great discussion topics. If you haven’t seen this movie, DO IT NOW! I love the concept and can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be living life completely blind to the outside world and to have your entire life, in a sense, scripted, without even knowing it. (The title of my post this week comes from this movie.)
It wasn’t all work though! We tubed down the river and caught snakes, played noodle field hockey, had awesome campfire experiences (like boiling water in a paper cup, burning underwear, and having way too many s’mores!), played sardines outside and the watched the sun set, and so much more! This was a very exhausting camp just because we did so much outside each day! When siesta time came around, I was out like a light!
I had a great time in Montana and enjoyed the director, other counselor, cooks, and campers! This was a great last camp to go to and share what DPF was and my role as the Peace Intern. I loved hanging out in the mountains and loved all that the Big Sky country had to offer! Now I’m off to Portland, OR to have one final retreat and debrief this amazing summer!

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