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Stars, Sailing, and Spirit

This week brought me to the banks of Dawson’s Creek (yes, the one from the TV show) to a CYF camp at Camp Caroline. This camp is in North Carolina and I was super excited to be able to go to it because I have heard so much about it from different campers I had […]

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Desert to Sand Hills

Hey Y’all These past two weeks I have been to the camps in both Arizona and Nebraska. The two camps could not have been anymore different from each other but they were both very moving and spiritual in their own way. Something that they both had in common is how compassionate and caring everyone involved […]

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Chi Rho! Chi Rho! From Indy to Oklahoma I Go.

When I found out that my first (and unfortunately, only) week of Chi Rho camp was the first week of my internship, I was reminded about something that one of my English teachers from high school told me. He said that he could picture me teaching junior high school. Junior high school kids are notoriously […]

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Hope is Action part 2

God is absolutely amazing. I posted yesterday about hope in action and then last night we had one of the most powerful worships I’ve ever been to, about just that. Be prepared for some tears from this post. We began worship by being led, with our eyes closed, to our chairs by the kids who […]

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What if hope is… action?

FLORIDA; TUESDAY- Quick update before I do a bit of reflection- I am currently at my first camp of the summer in Florida. I have been overwhelmed with the hospitality, but also the immediate connections I’ve had with other counselors, staff, and campers. These are all super awesome people here at Silver Springs and I’m […]

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May the Adventure Begin

Hey y’all, Welcome to my very first post of the summer of the summer. My name is Jasmine Heath and I am one of your 2018 Peace Interns. I am very excited for this summer and the adventure to come these next few months. However first things first, I should tell you a little about […]

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Breaking the Ice

If I were to ask you to introduce yourself, what would you choose to tell me? Name, hometown, occupation? Year in school and concentration of study? A “fun fact” that may or may not be fun? If I were asked to give an introduction, on, say, a blog post, I would say, and will say, […]

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How do we Peace right now?

Hi everyone! Because this is my first post, here is some background about myself: My name is Grace Tibbetts and I am one of the Peace interns for this summer! In August I will be a senior at Avila University, studying Psychology. After attending graduate school, my goal is to work with young children who […]

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“Joe, why aren’t you eating a S’more?”

“Joe, why aren’t you eating a S’more?” Ahh, I’m glad you asked. Let’s chat. S’mores an all American camping classic. If you didn’t eat s’mores by a campfire, did you even go camping? At our summer camps, S’mores were served as a treat at least once during campfire. To some of you who aren’t familiar […]

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And so it goes

So I experienced being a floating counselor once again while I was at Craig Springs. I really do think that I’m getting the hang of this free time thing where I ignore that I have free time. I am conflicted on whether or not I think that is the preferable form – when applicable. It’s […]

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