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“Joe, why aren’t you eating a S’more?”

“Joe, why aren’t you eating a S’more?” Ahh, I’m glad you asked. Let’s chat. S’mores an all American camping classic. If you didn’t eat s’mores by a campfire, did you even go camping? At our summer camps, S’mores were served as a treat at least once during campfire. To some of you who aren’t familiar […]

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And so it goes

So I experienced being a floating counselor once again while I was at Craig Springs. I really do think that I’m getting the hang of this free time thing where I ignore that I have free time. I am conflicted on whether or not I think that is the preferable form – when applicable. It’s […]

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So my attendance to General Assembly has really just been this last one and the one in Orlando. In light of that I can’t really draw many comparisons between the various events; however, I can say that I participated in a lot more events this time around, and thoroughly enjoy it. Attending various banquets and […]

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Rainy Days

It’s been a while, but I’m back at this blogging. It’s interesting to see how people respond differently to the things that they encounter. At three consecutive camps it rained quite a bit, or at least by my desert standards, and caused minor inconveniences in terms of schedule adjustment and dampness. Even as campers were […]

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I Can’t Keep Quiet

I am at my last full camp and I have realized that I haven’t really talked about what it is I’m doing at all these camps. Of course every camp is different in how they choose to utilize me, but I have taught something social justice related at each camp. My largest workshops are about […]

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Crossing Borders: My Week at Loch Leven

Diversity—a quality that many of our camps strive for, yearn for, dream about. Tokenism—an unfortunate result of our desperate want to feel diverse. Unity—often confused with uniformity and conformity; being of one tribe. Tribalism—constructed borders that keep us “with our own;” Othering. A crossroads—an intersection a confluence a state of being both, and a place […]

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Elijah in Montana

This summer I have experienced the “Branching Out” curriculum three times. One of the bible stories that we focus on is the story of Elijah going to the top of mount Horeb because God said God would speak with Elijah there. A great wind passed by Elijah, but God was not in the wind. Then […]

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My NoCal Chill

After 4 weeks of camp living as an extrovert, this week I found myself retreating farther into a personal bubble. I like to tell people that I don’t have a personal bubble because typically I can talk to anyone and everyone—without problem. But this week, I felt myself lacking some of the energy it takes […]

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Time Flies

This would have been up sooner, but the sometimes internet is hard to find. People are great! I was certain, after leaving my home camp that it would take me my whole time at a camp to mix in among the campers, and be more than a voice that droned at them about peace and […]

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Cow Tanking, Noodlin’, and Earthquakes

Dear Reader,   I am a horrible blogger and I apologize for that. In my defense for not posting blogs more frequently, I have been quite busy and internet at church camps is very limited, if you can believe that. I am currently at Chi Rho camp at Loch Leven in the Pacific Southwest Region. […]

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