Camp by the Numbers

Will's Camp Bracelets

This summer I have:

– been to 7 camps in 6 different states.

– traveled to 13 different states. (counting airports and one 5 minute detour through Washington)

– been graciously hosted by 8 different families.

– counseled 367 campers.

And, I have collected:

– 4 pieces of closing circle yarn

-8 friendship bracelets (from Zoe, Emily, Amber, Aubrey, Amy, Kelsey, Jordan, and Erin)

-1 prayer bracelet from a devotion station run by the Alderson sisters’ small group

– 2 rubber bands from Ohio

– 1 four leaf clover

-1 camp cutie bracelet

-1 peace intern bracelet from General Assembly

– 1 wrist band to eat at the Bethany College dining hall.

 – 1 autographed children’s book

– 16 T-shirts

– 50+ mosquito bites

However, no matter how many times I read through this list and go over all the different countable things I acquired this summer something is missing. I will confess to having a camp box that all of these collected items will go in, I will pull it out on occasion – likely when I’m avoiding packing or cleaning my room – and reminisce. But all these collected things in a box will never hope to measure up to the array intangible non-countable ‘things’ I’ve acquired as a Peace Intern. The relationships, memories, and camp songs will stay with me always.

Simply put, the most meaningful thing I acquired was a sense of comfort and confidence. The ability to walk around and be comfortable just being Will. As our Intern coordinator put it, “a real adult.”

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