No Drones Network April Days of National Action
Phase One: Drone Manufacturing Sites, April 4, April 6 (all day)
Phase Two: Drone Research and Training Sites, April 16, April 18 (all day)
Phase Three: Drone Bases
(Information available from Fellowship of Reconciliation,
Ecumenical Advocacy Days
April 5-8, 2013
Complete Details
“At God’s Table: Food Justice for a Healthy World”
7th Annual International Conference on Engaging the Other: The Power of Compassion
Friday, May 3 (all day) – Sunday, May 5 (all day)
Detroit, MI
Doubletree-Dearborn, MI. Contact info:
Washington DC: Churches for Middle East Peace 2013 Advocacy Conference
Monday, May 20 (all day) – Tuesday, May 21 (all day) Catholic University of America
Northwest Regional Conference
Living the Dream of Justice and Peace: Occupy and Beyond: 54th Annual Northwest Regional Conference.
June 29-July 2, Seabeck, WA.
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Harnessing Outrage & Compassion: Awakening the Power of Nonviolence – 55th FOR (Fellowship of Reconciliation) Pacific Northwest Regional Conference.
Thursday, July 4 – Sunday, July 7. Seabeck, WA, Seabeck Conference Center
General Assembly of the Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
July 13-17, Orlando, FL.
Disciples Peace Fellowship Breakfast
Speaker: David Vargas, retired President of Overseas Ministries
Awards at the breakfast: Wittkamper Life-time Achievement Award and Bratkovich Young Peacemaker Award
Tickets available on General Assembly website: