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The Crazy Ones

God warned the people of an earthquake that would swallow all the waters of the land. The waters that would take their place would make everyone insane. Only the prophet took God seriously. He carried huge jugs of water to his mountain cave so that he had enough to last him till the day he […]

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A Calling Affirmed

Yesterday at Camp Christian, at the advanced conference program for young adults, the key note speaker talked about passion and calling.  While one can have a career that intersects with one’s passions and calling, for many one’s calling goes beyond a specific career. The key note speaker described passion and calling as something one does […]

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A prayer

Dear Loving God, My heart is heavy. Everyday brings another heart breaking story: terrorist attacks in countries where the people have already suffered and seen so much war and destruction; the death of another person of color by a police officer, the murders of police officers, not to mention the other small acts of violence […]

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I Am Tired

When it comes to engaging in social justice work, rest is vitally important. During this mid-summer retreat, I am feeling physically rested. As for spiritual rest-well that remains elusive. I identify as afro-Puerto Rican. Meaning that I hold onto my identity as a Puerto Rican woman, while acknowledging my indigenous and African roots.  Those who […]

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Labels Matter

As the nation celebrates the July 4th weekend, many Americans will enjoy hanging out with friends, a day off from work, and watching the fireworks. The founding fathers are in American lore, portrayed as revolutionaries and freedom fighters throwing off the chains of British imperialism and oppression. One word that will not be used to […]

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Christianity and Islam

Two of the activities that I use in workshops are formatted as games and center around Bible verses and the Quran and some central beliefs in Christianity and Islam. In the first activity the students have to guess whether a given statement is from the Bible or from the Quran. Some campers have a good […]

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Hope in a Violent and Hateful World

My academic areas of research focus on Islamophobia and terrorism (of all kinds, not just Islamist terrorism). Meaning that normally, I spend a good portion of my day examining the dark side of humanity: the hatred towards Muslims shown by some in the US and Europe, the violence that take place in numerous parts of […]

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