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As a Member of The Christian Church, Disciples of Christ…

I would like to take a moment to write to you through the platform of this Disciples Peace Fellowship web blog as a member of Christian Church, Disciples of Christ. Yes, on this platform I represent DPF in some capacity, but please set that aside purely for this post… I remember the day like it […]

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Feeling a Tad Bit Salty…

Within the past year, a new phrase has introduced itself into my vocabulary. I’ve heard people say “Someone’s a bit salty…” over and over again. Baffling as the birth of this expression may seem, I want to take a minute to recognize that the Bible itself gives us permission to be salty. Understanding this expression […]

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Seats at Christ’s Table

I am not ordained, and yet… I AM A MINISTER. I AM A BEARER OF MY EXPERIENCE WITH GOD. I BRING TO THE TABLE UNIQUE GIFTS THAT I ALONE CAN BRING! And so do you… As the story of Esther goes, she was positioned in just the right place for just the right time. Yes, […]

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Courage to Embrace Equity

A few years ago, I made my first trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and stood in awe next to Lake Michigan. Even before that first visit, I had always been intrigued by the Great Lakes. Then, the natural wonder that I had only ever read about became a concrete, tangible reality exposing itself to all my senses. Moving forward […]

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Spirit of Christmount

“I’m an old hippy…” said Rev. Jamie Brame as I gathered with the camp staff before campers arrived. While the week moved along, it became clear that a unique, earthly spirit was pouring out of him and into the fabric of camp life. Nestled in the mountains of North Carolina, Christmount has a natural beauty that revealed […]

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Kamp Kaleo Experience

Kamp Kaleo, You have renewed my spirit. Through sweat, exhaustion, and the sweltering Nebraskan summer heat, there was laughter, fun, kindness, generosity, and a whole lotta love. My heart moved into this week heavy knowing I must be present with these young folks while simultaneously processing the grief and mourning I hold for the lost […]

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Reflecting on Tragedy

This internship holds so many responsibilities alongside huge amounts of exciting opportunities. This blog is being authored through a welcomed exhaustion that holds with it wonderful amounts of spiritual fulfillment. Yet my heart is heavy. Peace… oh wonderful, beautiful, radical peace! Won’t you be with us all? The huge responsibility of stepping into the shoes […]

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