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Heaven is a Talent Show where Everyone Wins

Kids are funny. They will perform for you day in and day out, but when the time comes to actually get on stage, they are all shaky-legs and quiver-lips. I find this intriguing about youth: so much of their daily gestures can be categorized as entertainment. Their words often flow from their mouth like poetry. […]

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I Hope Jesus was Ugly

  I hope Jesus was ugly. I really do. As a Christian, I am well-aware that Jesus was a different kind of King, that he helped liberate the oppressed and that he practiced unconditional love throughout his ministry. Jesus, in my opinion, is the best model for social activism we have. He was fearless and […]

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“My life goes on in endless song…how can I keep from singing?”

I don’t remember much from my 5th grade band class. I have vague flashbacks of plucking away at the stand-up bass next to my best friend, Liza, and thinking I looked a heart for a cause he believed wholeheartedly in, why couldn’t I give myself some grace? Later that night, I took a walk alone. […]

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Skin Shedding Summer

Bathroom stalls have become my holy ground. As I lock the door to a stall in an airport, at a gas station, or at camp, I feel a wave of relief wash over me. I sit down in silence, quietly sighing and secretly reveling in the opportunity to sit and stare and drift off into […]

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