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Counter-Intuitive Peace; Messy, Elusive Justice: Sermon on Amos 5

Now that I’ve been home for a few weeks and thrown back into the regimen of school, work, and preparation for an unknown future, writing and sharing this sermon with my church family offered me a much-needed time of reflection about my DPF summer. I would have never chosen to preach on Amos 5——my general […]

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Last Day Reflections

These are all pictures from my last camp in Washington state! This camp made me so happy, and was the perfect end to the summer. Today is the last full day of this entire internship, and I am trying to sort through a lot of emotions. My camera is filled with all of the joy […]

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Camp Gwinwood, the last hoorah.

I just finished my last camp. What?! How did this happen so quickly? I still feel like I’m trying to process the month of June, and it’s already August 6th. I never thought that spending 24/7 with so many other people, one week after the next, could pass so quickly. But there’s something about camp […]

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“You’ve Got To Know Your [Stuff]!”

Last week was my penultimate camp experience in Southern California. So far this summer, I have been too busy and too happy to miss home too much, but this week in California, exhaustion and homesickness really smacked me in the face. I arrived at camp like a zombie, so tired that I could barely maintain […]

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Walking Together Toward Truth

Every minute of being in Iowa has been lovely. This camp, Camp 15 at the Christian Conference Center, has quirky and thoughtful youth with obvious eagerness to be engaged and to learn. I can’t exactly understand how 60+ people became a family for me in a new state in only one week, but that’s definitely […]

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Peace Be With You?

I don’t think I always understand the depth of the expression “Peace be with you.” During the time of Passing of the Peace in a church service, this expression is said repetitively and naturally; yet, when you think about it, it’s almost anything but natural. We are saying that we actually believe peace is possible […]

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