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Prevent Gun Violence

A note from Disciples Peace Fellowship Co-moderator, the Rev. Bruce Ervin: Dear Peace Seekers: I hope that you’ve read the letter from Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence. It lifts up concerns that are dear to the heart of DPF. Among the signatories is the Rev. Ronald J. Degges, President of Disciples Home Missions and […]

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Blogs for the 2011 Interns!

The 2011 group of determined DPF interns are avid bloggers, who invite you to follow them on their personal blogs as they teach, learn and make a difference in our denomination. Here are the links to their blogs: Ben Hudson Saunders Chrissy Stonebraker Erin Taylor In the above photo, the interns are, left to right, […]

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A Christian Response to Bin Laden’s Death

by Rev. Janetta Cravens Boyd On Sunday evening Navy Seals killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. President Obama addressed the nation, recalling the terrible affects of “that bright September day” darkened by terror and loss of innocent lives. We have not been, and are not, at war with Islam, the President reminded us. Bin Laden […]

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Vision of Hope

I recently explored Bethlehem with a friend who lived there fifteen years ago, before the construction of the 30 foot concrete wall that snakes through the city. Back then, West Bank residents did need to cross checkpoints to enter Israel, but people generally moved freely to and from Jerusalem, just a few miles to the […]

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Part of the Furniture

Belfast. It might instill in a person the same reaction as Bosnia or South Africa. I know this because I spent the last two years as a Mission Associate in Belfast, Northern Ireland and when I told people this, they would sometimes wince and say, “Ooh, Belfast. Be careful.” Upon returning to the States, I […]

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