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Between Om and Silence – July 8-12th with the Christian Church in Kansas CYF

This week was no exception to the amazing weeks of camp I’ve gotten to  visit this summer.  The campers were energetic, hopeful, intentional and loving.  We discovered how God does new things in our lives and world – the way Ze acts and speaks; listens and lives.  I am learning quickly that God speaks in […]

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Tall Oaks – Heeding the Call for Peace

Before making peace, we must first figure out what it is!  This question is something I always like to start a week off at camp with.  Is peace justice, or something else?  The answers I get are unbridled and at some points flat out humorous.  One of my favorite responses I’ve gotten so far was […]

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Dunkirk Senior High Camp – June 1-5, 2013

“All Things New” was the theme this week at the Dunkirk Conference Center’s senior high camp. For me, this camp has been a lot of new experiences. Firstly, getting to know such strong leaders within the United Church of Christ reminds me of the many similarities these two sister denominations share. With slight variations on […]

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Draw the Circle Wide

What a wonderful spirit-filled week with some amazing, mature young Disciples in West Virginia!  The West Virginia  CYF Conference is held on the historic Bethany College campus. This beautiful, holy place  provides campers and counselors with a chance to have deep spiritual reflection, singing and fellowship.  The high-schoolers lead nightly candlelit vespers services that were […]

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Sweet Home, Alabama!

As an Oregonian at heart, there is truly nothing that can be mistaken  for that hot, salty humid air that only the Gulf of Mexico can can deliver.  Although it is only Wednesday here with my new friends from Alabama/Northwest Florida Disciples region, I feel safe in saying that I have made new friends here […]

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