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I Can’t Keep Quiet

I am at my last full camp and I have realized that I haven’t really talked about what it is I’m doing at all these camps. Of course every camp is different in how they choose to utilize me, but I have taught something social justice related at each camp. My largest workshops are about […]

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Elijah in Montana

This summer I have experienced the “Branching Out” curriculum three times. One of the bible stories that we focus on is the story of Elijah going to the top of mount Horeb because God said God would speak with Elijah there. A great wind passed by Elijah, but God was not in the wind. Then […]

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Cow Tanking, Noodlin’, and Earthquakes

Dear Reader,   I am a horrible blogger and I apologize for that. In my defense for not posting blogs more frequently, I have been quite busy and internet at church camps is very limited, if you can believe that. I am currently at Chi Rho camp at Loch Leven in the Pacific Southwest Region. […]

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I Love Vespers

I just wrapped up my third camp of the summer and the counselors have arrived for my fourth camp. I have had some camp changes and will be spending a second week at Loch Leven with Chi Rho camp! CYF 2 just ended and I am left in awe of these amazing campers. I have […]

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Insert Title [Here]

Hello and welcome. Before we get started, I feel the need to set a couple of ground rules. The first, I have never blogged so this will be extremely awkward and uncomfortable for all of us, but at least we can do it together. Second, don’t talk about fight club. Great! Now let’s dive into […]

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