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Who is That Girl I See…?

She sure as heck is NOT the same one who left on this crazy summer adventure traveling around to 7 different church camps, three months ago! The spark that was in my heart to do and be better, and teach people about my passion for human rights has been fanned and is now a full […]

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Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night

After General Assembly ended, the interns all split back up to go to our final camp of the summer. I had the opportunity to go to Cane Ridge West outside of Lincoln, Montana and was excited to spend some more time in an environment I know! I love Montana and was so happy to spend […]

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I’m Soarin’

As Troy and Gabriella so eloquently explain in the High School Musical song “Breaking Free”: We’re soarin’, flyin’. There’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach If we’re trying, so we’re breaking free Ohhhh runnin’, Climbin’. To get to that place to be all that we can be Now’s the time so we’re breaking free […]

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All Things New

So this week was one for the books! We started out on Sunday, expecting to welcome campers to CYF 1 but were surprised with two separate fires close to the camp that closed the roads and made it unsafe for travel. So the directors, staff, and counselors came together to make sure every camper had […]

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God is LOVE.

Camp Christian is located under an hour outside of Columbus and is run and maintained by wonderful staff. My flight landed in OH a little after midnight on the 4th of July and three wonderful Ministry Associates volunteered to pick me up and help get me settled. The Camp director was also a wonderful resource […]

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A Breath of Fresh Air

  After a great week in Arkansas, reaffirmed that I was on the correct path, I headed across the country to The Community of the Great Commission camp, outside of the little town of Foresthill, California. This little northern camp was quite literally, a breath of fresh air! I was instantly engulfed in the mountain […]

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Finding My Place…

  How can I compare camps? All of them are amazing in their own ways and by only being there for a week, I get a very limited, yet unique view of these DOC church camps. But to ask me, which camp I like best? Well that is a nearly impossible question to answer. This […]

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100 Hugs

This past week, I was at Camp Caroline in the lovely state of North Carolina. Even though I didn’t get to see much of the state, I couldn’t have asked to be in a better location because the camp is located on the beautiful and legendary Dawson’s Creek (Yes, the one from that angsty teenage […]

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Synonyms with the word “humid”: Georgia

This past week, I had the pleasure to be at Camp Christian right outside of Gordon, GA. Yes, this place was humid beyond belief for someone who is used to a very dry climate. But, I made the best of it (I think)! I know I complained about being hot ALL the time and then […]

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From sea to shining sea…

Hello Disciples World! My name is Briana Black and I am from Casper, Wyoming. I am a 2015 Disciples Peace Fellowship (DPF) Intern for the Summer at 2015! (I’m the goofy looking one in the center of the picture!)  I have had the opportunity to be in Indianapolis, IN with two other Peace Interns, Celia […]

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