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Rewards from Putting in the Work

Rewards from Putting in the Work Introvert doesn’t quite seem strong enough a term to describe my temperament. Around my house anyway, we describe introverts as getting their energy from withen themselves. Extroverts, then, are those individuals who get their energy from groups of people—to the Kuss family, anyway. The connotation of “introvert” is in […]

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Stepping Stones: Papa Kuss in California

I felt like one of those men in ET cleaning out Elliot’s house as I peeled away the plastic body suit to reveal a sticky-with-sweat shirt and stench steaming out of my armpits. I slapped hands with a middle-aged Hawaiian on one side of me and then with the native Korean youth on the other. […]

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Hide and Go Seek!

“17 – 18 – 19 – you three need to go hide!!” Jacob continues counting, all the way to 50, then begins to make his way through the dark lodge looking for fellow campers. This week in Montana has been full of hide-and-go-seek games! One of the scriptures we read this week was the parable […]

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21 Years Young

The National Convocation has brought with it many experiences that are unique to my summer journey thus far. Trying not to get too caught up in the spirituality of a freer worship style, beautiful musical harmonies, and powerful preaching, I kept in mind that I am here to represent DPF and lead a workshop introducing […]

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60s Flash Mob!

My second week at Camp Caroline in North Carolina was one for the books and will live forever in the annals of my memory. In addition to leading an interest group, I was responsible for a 10-15 minute talk to the entire camp each evening. I usually used this time in the evening to tell […]

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The Mess

The theme for the National Convocation this year in Houston, TX, is “… Yet I will rejoice!” During tough times for a team, country, or person, to despair and turn inward is easy and natural. However, the scriptural theme for this event comes from Habakkuk and concerns a land that has come upon hard times. […]

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Everyone Needs A Hand To Hold On To

“You guys hold hands more than any other guys I have ever met, and I’m not sure what it means,” said my co-cabin counselor during Cabin Time. John Mellencamp maybe sings it best when he sings that: Don’t need to be no strong hand, Don’t need to be no rich hand, Everyone just needs a […]

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Band of Misfits

So a tubist, an accordion player, a guitarist, and a kazoo player walk into Bedford Christian Camp… Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right? Well, this ensemble of musical talent performed live for 80 youth at the Bedford CYF Talent Show 2012. The accordion player re-wrote lyrics to the Barenaked Ladies’ If I […]

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The View From THE Gazebo

“Blaine, are you okay with holding Peace Time in the gazebo?” The Bedford camp director’s question caught me off guard. Of course my “Peace Time” would be held in the gazebo, right? I answered in the affirmative because the campers had just finished lunch and were clamoring for naptime, even though day 1 had just […]

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The Greatest Generation Challenge

The Greatest Generation Their Legacy of Peacemaking Continues By Bruce D. Ervin Co-Moderator, Disciples Peace Fellowship Tom Brokaw called them The Greatest Generation. They came of age during the worst depression in history, fought in the most horrible war in history, marched with Dr. King, protested the Vietnam War, and taught us – their children […]

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