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So I experienced being a floating counselor once again while I was at Craig Springs. I really do think that I’m getting the hang of this free time thing where I ignore that I have free time. I am conflicted on whether or not I think that is the preferable form – when applicable. It’s great for maximizing exposure and having the chance to encounter everyone at the camp, but on the other hand one could argue that it lessens the amount of time and effort that can be dedicated to any one group. If only I had another summer like this one to find out *cough cough*. Really though I did enjoy the chance to mingle freely and switch groups so that I could do the most with my time. If I had to name a downside it would be that I never did figure out how to fit naptime into my schedule that week.

Although, I noted that splitting my time between groups could decrease effectiveness I believe that in this case it worked out perfectly. I was able to talk with the various age groups and mingle with them during their activities at any part of the day. Another thing that I think supports that conclusion was that I actually received the most nicknames there than at any other camp*. It helps that the camp works to bring the age groups together into a community with the scheduling and activity layout for the week. There was a massive hike up a mountain that ended with a great view and picnic. I wore jeans, and would like it to be noted that I regret nothing; although, the hike down did feel infinitely easier.

If I had to name one thing that stood out when the various age groups interacted it would definitely be when the played four square. They played for keeps, and with a really weird rule set. Admittedly we’re from different state, but I learned in Kentucky and Virginia is relatively close. Long story short I got to be the ref and I added some rules to balance the gameplay. I like to call it the golden age. Not really I only just thought that up. The point is that throughout the week the only snag that I saw in the myriad interactions was in those small windows, and it was momentary as they collectively adjusted the rules to be more fair. I believe that the environment created at the camp had a great deal to do with their mindset and ease of interactions.

Now at the final few days of this amazing summer experience I can really only think back to all the people I’ve met, and all the new things I’ve learned. I was told this would be the most tiring and best summer of my life. They were entirely right about it being the best summer. I do contest the claim that it is the most tiring on principle though. This has been an amazing summer, and I have gotten so many things from it. I’m sure that I haven’t even realized a fraction of the ways that I’ve changed my views and self, but I am sure that it has shaped me as a person for good.

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