And so it begins.

I have never created a blog before. As a result, these first few entries may be a little rough. You have been warned.
This will likely be the fastest slow moving summer that I have ever encountered. I made it through my first camp with less trouble than I had expected, and more laughter than I had anticipated. For some reason I had the impression that being a peace intern meant that I would spend my week walking around with a solemn face while lecturing campers on current world issues. It turns out that I forgot that deep down a peace intern is just a name give to a person. I’m just myself with a nice title attached. I find it amazing that I can continually overlook such a simple concept.
So coincidently the first camp that I interacted happened to be my my home camp. Actually it wasn’t a coincidence, but that is neither here nor there. It turns out that making workshops that are absolutely flawless on paper come out that way in real life is difficult. With a minimum of blind flailing I am walking away with a good experience and even better memories. I firmly believe that in the coming weeks I will become better at my role and will learn something new from each of the camps that I visit.
I hope to always have something to take with me to mark the time spent in each camp as an intern.

^From the AZ DoC youth
I am uncertain how to end blogs so I’ll just cut it off here.

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    I love that you are doing this RJ. What an important time to be for peace.

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