Meet the 2017 DPF Peace Interns

Claire Cooley Photo
Claire Cooley is completing her senior year at Eureka College, majoring in history and political science. She also serves as Student Body President and is a Disciples Leadership Scholar. She is from Albuquerque, New Mexico where she is a member of Monte Vista Christian Church. Claire is passionate about gender equality, issues of immigration, and homelessness.
Joe Heidenescher photo smaller
Joe Heidenescher lives in Toledo, Ohio where he attends Hampton Park Christian Church. He is studying for his Masters in English Literature at the University of Toledo. Joe is also teaching at the University of Toledo and is engaged in social action around the country. He has also worked at Camp Christian in Ohio the past three years. Joe’s social justice concerns include gender, queer, and sexuality rights, migrant rights, and environmental justice.
Robert Howard photoRJ Howard is student at Arizona State University where he is studying biology. He is a member of First Christian Church in Scottsdale, Arizona and has volunteered extensively with local and regional church events as well as with Humane Borders in Tucson. RJ puts his interest and knowledge of biology to work with interests in environmental management and environmental justice in addition to immigration issues.
To learn more about Disciples Peace Fellowship’s summer internships, please contact Phoebe Spier, DPF’s Intern Coordinator, at