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“Singing the Lord’s Song in the New Land” NAPAD Convocation 2014

I got to finish my summer in the Windy City at NAPAD Convocation. I have to admit that I was pretty tired after the many weeks at camp, but the energy and passion of the conferees helped invigorate me during my final week as a DPF intern. Lively worship, impassioned preaching, delicious food, and a […]

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It’s All Greek to Me

College classes started early for me this summer.  I got to visit Bethany College for the first time as part of the West Virginia region’s CYF conference and felt right at home staying on a college campus.  Bethany is a “small college of national distinction,” steeped in Disciples’ history and located atop the beautiful mountains […]

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To Be Continued….

The summer is over, well almost. I’m sitting on a balcony in Portland, Oregon still amazed and bewildered about what happened over the past two months. I blinked and my summer as a Peace Intern was ending with my last closing circle. Strangely enough, however, my real job as a Peace Intern is just beginning. […]

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Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

Well, this blog post is a bit overdue. Somehow I got a little caught up in life the last couple weeks of this summer, and while I had several things I’ve wanted to share, I never had the opportunity to really sit down and write it out. Now I’m way behind on sharing my adventures […]

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An American in Canada, Eh?

Last week I was a counselor at Johnston Christian Park in South Range, Nova Scotia, Canada. JCP is consistently the only Disciples of Christ camp in Canada that requests a Peace Intern. To my extreme pleasure, this summer I was the Peace Intern chosen to fly to Nova Scotia and truly experience the Disciples of […]

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Unos pensamientos de la Asamblea Obra Hispana

These words can be found translated at the end of the blog. He observado que no tenemos un blog en español. La semana pasado estaba en San Diego para asistir la Obra Hispana Asamblea/Convención, y por esta razón, voy a escribir in español. La tema del evento era “Celebremos lo que creemos” y el verso […]

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This is YOUR call

Each summer, the Disciples of Christ youth in Oklahoma come together for a week of mission work in a different local community. July 7-11, I, along with the other Peace Interns, along with our fearless leader, Phoebe, and her band-mate, Zach, had the pleasure of being hosted by the gracious folks of Enid, Oklahoma. This […]

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R&R is OK

Things to do as a peace intern on midsummer retreat in Enid, Oklahoma: Chill at the Spring Hill Suites. Appreciate Oklahoma’s gentle breezes and temperate climate on a 108 degree summer afternoon. Tour Vance Air Force base and watch the constant stream of planes fly overhead. Train to be a fighter pilot on a real […]

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Question Everything, Accomplish Anything: My Trip Home

So, for all of my Transy friends, you’ll notice that I stole our wonderful slogan, “Question Everything, Accomplish Anything.” For everyone else, the title is an indication for what I’m going to try to portray in this blog. It was immediately obvious that my peace intern summer was going to lead to a lot of […]

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Hot Springs, Hot Topics

Last week I travelled to the Great River Region’s CYF Conference in Hot Springs, AR, for my first trip to Razorback country.  I was struck by the beauty of the campground–its rustic cabins, pine forests and the Ouachita River that bordered the site.  Only the love and kindness of the campers, counselors and keynoters surpassed […]

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