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Sex Camp, WaKanDaHo Kentucky

Now before you get your panties in a bunch—sex camp is not what it sounds like. Instead, the week is all about educating eighth graders about sex! Now, I was initially worried when I heard that I was being sent to Kentucky to talk about sex with eighth graders at a church camp. I conjured […]

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A-OK in OK

My summer as a nomadic advocate for peace and justice began two weeks ago. After a week of training at Disciples headquarters in Indianapolis, I left for the “land of the Red Man”—a name I find incredibly problematic, but not uncommon for the history of Oklahoma. I landed in Tulsa where I was greeted by […]

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And so it begins.

I have never created a blog before. As a result, these first few entries may be a little rough. You have been warned. This will likely be the fastest slow moving summer that I have ever encountered. I made it through my first camp with less trouble than I had expected, and more laughter than […]

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Insert Title [Here]

Hello and welcome. Before we get started, I feel the need to set a couple of ground rules. The first, I have never blogged so this will be extremely awkward and uncomfortable for all of us, but at least we can do it together. Second, don’t talk about fight club. Great! Now let’s dive into […]

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Counter-Intuitive Peace; Messy, Elusive Justice: Sermon on Amos 5

Now that I’ve been home for a few weeks and thrown back into the regimen of school, work, and preparation for an unknown future, writing and sharing this sermon with my church family offered me a much-needed time of reflection about my DPF summer. I would have never chosen to preach on Amos 5——my general […]

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The Crazy Ones

God warned the people of an earthquake that would swallow all the waters of the land. The waters that would take their place would make everyone insane. Only the prophet took God seriously. He carried huge jugs of water to his mountain cave so that he had enough to last him till the day he […]

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Last Day Reflections

These are all pictures from my last camp in Washington state! This camp made me so happy, and was the perfect end to the summer. Today is the last full day of this entire internship, and I am trying to sort through a lot of emotions. My camera is filled with all of the joy […]

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As a Member of The Christian Church, Disciples of Christ…

I would like to take a moment to write to you through the platform of this Disciples Peace Fellowship web blog as a member of Christian Church, Disciples of Christ. Yes, on this platform I represent DPF in some capacity, but please set that aside purely for this post… I remember the day like it […]

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NYE ‘Feels’

The National Youth Event in Orlando, Florida – what an interesting few days! Minerva and I did not know what we were signed up for, but it turned out great. The relaxing atmosphere of NYE was a welcomed contrast to the intensity of each camp. As the two Palestinian Peace Interns, we were paired up for a […]

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One last Campfire…

I could have never imagined how much fun and exciting this camp would be, Cascade Christian Camp in Idaho was amazing! We went rafting in Boise river and we did zip-lining, it was my first time to do these things and I loved them! It was awesome to see campers and counselors conquering their fears, being […]

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