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Walking Together Toward Truth

Every minute of being in Iowa has been lovely. This camp, Camp 15 at the Christian Conference Center, has quirky and thoughtful youth with obvious eagerness to be engaged and to learn. I can’t exactly understand how 60+ people became a family for me in a new state in only one week, but that’s definitely […]

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Christianity and Islam

Two of the activities that I use in workshops are formatted as games and center around Bible verses and the Quran and some central beliefs in Christianity and Islam. In the first activity the students have to guess whether a given statement is from the Bible or from the Quran. Some campers have a good […]

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My voice is Peace

My voice is Peace, my voice is Love, my voice is Unity. Peace to the land that is created for peace and never saw it. As a Palestinian Christian who lived her entire life under occupation, all I want, dream and pray for is peace. It’s never easy but it’s worth working for. I’m Minerva […]

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Hope in a Violent and Hateful World

My academic areas of research focus on Islamophobia and terrorism (of all kinds, not just Islamist terrorism). Meaning that normally, I spend a good portion of my day examining the dark side of humanity: the hatred towards Muslims shown by some in the US and Europe, the violence that take place in numerous parts of […]

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New Beginnings

This has been one of the longest weeks of my life, by far. Crossing time zones is never fun, but I think I’ve finally adjusted to the western time zone! Yay! We learned so much and met so many amazing people during our training week. What an honor it was to meet global missionaries, DPF […]

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Kamp Kaleo Experience

Kamp Kaleo, You have renewed my spirit. Through sweat, exhaustion, and the sweltering Nebraskan summer heat, there was laughter, fun, kindness, generosity, and a whole lotta love. My heart moved into this week heavy knowing I must be present with these young folks while simultaneously processing the grief and mourning I hold for the lost […]

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Reflecting on Tragedy

This internship holds so many responsibilities alongside huge amounts of exciting opportunities. This blog is being authored through a welcomed exhaustion that holds with it wonderful amounts of spiritual fulfillment. Yet my heart is heavy. Peace… oh wonderful, beautiful, radical peace! Won’t you be with us all? The huge responsibility of stepping into the shoes […]

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Peace Be With You?

I don’t think I always understand the depth of the expression “Peace be with you.” During the time of Passing of the Peace in a church service, this expression is said repetitively and naturally; yet, when you think about it, it’s almost anything but natural. We are saying that we actually believe peace is possible […]

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Camp by the Numbers

Will's Camp Bracelets

This summer I have: – been to 7 camps in 6 different states. – traveled to 13 different states. (counting airports and one 5 minute detour through Washington) – been graciously hosted by 8 different families. – counseled 367 campers. And, I have collected: – 4 pieces of closing circle yarn -8 friendship bracelets (from […]

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Who is That Girl I See…?

She sure as heck is NOT the same one who left on this crazy summer adventure traveling around to 7 different church camps, three months ago! The spark that was in my heart to do and be better, and teach people about my passion for human rights has been fanned and is now a full […]

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