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Some Assembly Required

The Interns at DPF Breakfast

This past week I traded in camp food and bunk beds for continental breakfast and a hotel suite in the ever-lovely Columbus, Ohio. In addition to the array of new opportunities I have had within the Disciples of Christ at camps this summer I got the chance to attend my first General Assembly. Well, the […]

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I’m Soarin’

As Troy and Gabriella so eloquently explain in the High School Musical song “Breaking Free”: We’re soarin’, flyin’. There’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach If we’re trying, so we’re breaking free Ohhhh runnin’, Climbin’. To get to that place to be all that we can be Now’s the time so we’re breaking free […]

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Not Alone on my Journey

This past week the other interns and I met up in Columbus, Ohio for General Assembly. This is my sixth General Assembly in my 22 years. My first was in Kansas City in 2001, then Charlotte in 2003, Fort Worth in 2007, Indianapolis in 2009, and Nashville in 2011. I always have loved attending General Assembly […]

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Almost Heaven…

Campbell Mansion

Disclaimer: I had every intent to write this blog post all about the hills of West Virginia and a small town steeped in Disciples history. So much so that I took a plethora of pictures (some of which I am still sharing with you here) of Bethany, West Virginia in hopes to show you a […]

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All Things New

So this week was one for the books! We started out on Sunday, expecting to welcome campers to CYF 1 but were surprised with two separate fires close to the camp that closed the roads and made it unsafe for travel. So the directors, staff, and counselors came together to make sure every camper had […]

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God is LOVE.

Camp Christian is located under an hour outside of Columbus and is run and maintained by wonderful staff. My flight landed in OH a little after midnight on the 4th of July and three wonderful Ministry Associates volunteered to pick me up and help get me settled. The Camp director was also a wonderful resource […]

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Peace by Piece

Puzzle Pieces

There is no rainy day activity quite like sitting in a circle around a table staring at puzzle pieces. Apparently those among us with normal color vision do something with the pieces, I however am often relegated to staring and witty banter. The weather at The Disciples Center at Tawakoni this past week allowed for […]

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All Shall Know the Wonder of Purple Summer

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the very, very cold Dunkirk Camp and Conference Center. For the southern girl I am, every time I said it was cold they all laughed at me and said, “You should be back in December.” The campers also spent about 15 minutes asking me to say different words so that […]

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A Breath of Fresh Air

  After a great week in Arkansas, reaffirmed that I was on the correct path, I headed across the country to The Community of the Great Commission camp, outside of the little town of Foresthill, California. This little northern camp was quite literally, a breath of fresh air! I was instantly engulfed in the mountain […]

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A Letter to Me

Fruits of the Spirit

I just passed the halfway point of my intern Summer with the wonderful community at Tall Oaks Conference Center in Linwood, Kansas. over the past few weeks, and hopefully moving forward, I have become increasingly comfortable with my role and adapting to how different camps operate. This comfort has allowed me to step beyond being […]

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